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Master is a high performance freerace foil aimed at intermediate to advanced riders. It offers high top speed, incredible upwind drive and superior stability. Smaller 560 squared centimeter surface area and high aspect ratio of the front wing create extremely low water resistance for fast acceleration and high top speed. Advanced riders will appreciate the speed of this foil for boosting even higher jumps. This foil is ideal for cruising at high speed. Riders looking to progress into foil racing will find themselves at home on the Master.


Up is a full carbon allround freeride foil suitable for beginners and intermediate riders. It offers high maneuverability, medium top speed and great stability. Plus the larger 580 squared centimeter surface area and hydrodynamic high lift shape of the front wing push up at low speed. It is easy to get up and fun to cruise. The larger front wing makes up for a smooth ride and is easy to ride strapless. More advanced riders will appreciate the larger front wing when landing their first jumps, as it is more much stable and easier to get back up on the foil than the smaller front wings. The rear wing has a more loose shape, allowing for playful turns and fun in waves.

Incluye: Mastil + Fuselage + Rear Wing 325 + Freeride Front Wing

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All parts of the foil set can be quickly and easily mounted and dismounted with only seven screws, which makes it perfect for travelling. We designed the foils with a modular system, so all individual parts are compatible with both, the Master and Up foil sets. The modular system is ideal for upgrading your foil game.

All components are interchangable between Master and Up sets.
For example, you can upgrade your Up foil set with Master Freerace front wing once you progress.

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101cm, 91cm


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