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CrazyFly Tango 2019


Open C-shape

High speed turning C-kite feel with constant pull and precise control. The Open C-shape gives the kite a lot of pop and slack, making it ideal for freestyle and riders looking to progress. Even though the kite turns quickly, it is very easy to control with medium bar pressure.

Anything you want.

  • Pop & slack
  • Constant pull
  • Park and ride stability
  • Quick and easy turning
  • Instant relaunch

3 Strut Design

Reduces the weight of the kite and increases performance. Due to the compact shape of the kite and high quality of materials the kite has optimal strength to weight ratio with three struts only.

Dacron Frame

Heavy duty Dacron frame is the backbone of our kites. Without sacrificing strength, we were able to take our multiple reinforcements inside the kite, which allowed us to use more dacron on the canopy without adding more weight to the kite. The heavy duty Dacron frame ensures the best strength to weight ratio and makes the kite much more rigid, correctly shaped, stronger and durable. This results in amazing flight stability, more dynamic reactions to rider input and explosive boosts.

Tailored Canopy

Smart, fitted and well cut. Without any compromise to the kite’s shape, we have created a Tailored Canopy, where we have been able to unite multiple panels into one. As a result, the canopy has less panels, which saves weight and at the same time creates a more unified and stronger skin of the kite.



Tango CrazyFly 2019

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